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LMM - London Metropolitan Medical

Who we are

London Metropolitan Medical is a global community of healthcare professionals and affiliates dedicated to facilitating knowledge for healthcare improvement.


In collaboration with international affiliates, we provide workshops and training in various medical specialties, public health, and (healthcare) management.

Our vision is to preserve the traditions and love of medicine and to drive excellence in healthcare by investing in knowledge and capacity building of healthcare staff and systems.

London Metropolitan Medical About us

Our values are centered around patients, the public, and the people who make up and support the healthcare workforce.

We believe that investing in our people by providing affordable continuing education support and avenues for professional excellence yields returns by improving global patient care and service delivery and the health of the wider public.

We know that successful medical practitioners need to be grounded not only in their primary specialties but also in the medicolegal and managerial structures and practices that combine to make the delivery of good healthcare possible. We, therefore, facilitate the learning of and provide these disciplines on this platform in bespoke packages that medical professionals can leverage universally to strengthen their individual practices and the systems in which they work. 


We aim to create a community platform of shared interests and learning, where voices are heard and expression and creativity flourish freely. Drawing expertise from multiple disciplines, we support and mentor our people to navigate the corridors of their medical careers in order to achieve their best selves.

Who We Are