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MetroMedical™ International Journal of Ethnic Health and Research

MetroMedical™ International Journal of Ethnic Health and Research is LMM's affiliate journal.

The dedication of the journal to ethnic health has arose from the need to highlight the health and sociological issues that affect minority ethnic populations in Western countries. These range from predilections to disease expression, to cultural and access factors that affect health, to racial inequalities and inequities and policy matters. While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought awareness to racial disparities in health in Western countries and healthcare systems, several issues predate 2020 and will continue beyond the pandemic. The silver lining is the opportunity to recognise and tackle the health issues within our remit and to advocate for favourable policies where they are inadequate or lacking. It is hoped that a dedicated journal to ethnic health and research will inspire and encourage more research that will drive policy change and improve healthcare outcomes in selected groups.

We are open to receiving research and other relevant academic articles towards the September issue.

Yours sincerely,

Dr M. Williams


Recent editions

First edition in June 2021

Calls for research papers and other articles are open

Quality assurance is of extreme importance to LMM and papers will go through rigorous appraisal and scrutiny to ensure that the tradition of evidence-based medicine is maintained.

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Journal Editions
June, 2021
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