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Dr Victor Pace

Past LMM Speaker

Dr Victor Pace is a consultant in Palliative Medicine at Darent Valley Hospital and Greenwich and Bexley Hospice. He did his specialist training in Palliative Medicine at St Christopher's Hospice in London. After posts in Malta, his home country, and southern England, he returned to St Christopher's as a consultant for 19 years.

Two years ago he moved to his current position. He has worked extensively in hospice and hospital inpatient units, as well as community palliative care. Over twenty-five years as a consultant, he has published and lectured locally, nationally, and abroad on a range of pharmacological, clinical, psychosocial, and medicolegal special interests, and taught communication skills, in the belief that only high level clinical and critical skills drive out poor responsiveness to patients' needs, which are whole, indivisible, and individual. He was one of the first in the UK to explore the role of specialist palliative care in advanced dementia and frailty.

During this last year, he and the palliative care team at Darent Valley have supported numerous patients who were dying of COVID, their families, and staff.

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Current Role:

Speaker & Tutor, London Metropolitan Medical, UK

Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Darent Valley Hospital


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