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Mr. Darshan Negandhi

LMM Speaker

Darshan’s career has spanned across a wide range of sectors; from hospital, community, industry, academia and primary care. As a PCN Clinical Pharmacist, he knows too well the direction of change for primary care and workloads that will impact on primary care pharmacists to achieve the requirements set out in the PCN DES contract.

Darshan is also a superintendent and director pharmacist of an independent pharmacy. He has also acted as an education supervisor and mentored newly qualified pharmacists as part of their foundation programme. Currently he has a role as an associate director for MorphConsultancy and training facilitator for Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE), and has delivered and facilitated training for pharmacy professionals on various therapeutic areas.

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Have you got sound knowledge of your chosen speciality and an ability and willingness to transfer your skills and knowledge to others? If yes, you will be a great addition to our faculty of tutors. Teaching is also a way to consolidate your own learning, as well as broaden your competencies and raise your profile. LMM is currently seeking senior cadres of doctors proficient in common medical procedures.


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Current Role:

Speaker & Tutor, London Metropolitan Medical, UK

PCN Clinical Pharmacist SW


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