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Nominate the LMM Doctor of the Month

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Celebrate triumphs: your friends, colleagues & unsung heroes!

It has been a very challenging year for everyone and indeed healthcare workers across the world. As doctors, we have worked together, mourned together and supported one another. We have found strength in the most vulnerable of places and inspiration in the darkest of times.

Many have worked tirelessly, been knocked down and risen again. A few have fallen and will never again to rise to the call of duty. We remember them fondly and we acknowledge you. Although you may not get called by name, LMM recognises you, your blood, your sweat, your tears, your pain. Therefore, as a gesture of thanks to brave doctors all over the world, we ask you to join us in using this platform to continuously celebrate triumphs: your friends, colleagues and unsung heroes.

Send us your short videos about your nominee, detailing their backstories and why you believe they should be the LMM doctor of the month.

Videos should be sent to

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