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Grand rounds have become a central tradition in medical education and are often an integral part of a hospital’s monthly agenda, where senior doctors, residents, medical students, and others meet formally to discuss and analyze challenging clinical cases in detail, as well as to learn from them. Historically, the patients at the center of such cases would be present to narrate their health journeys, but in recent years, grand rounds have assumed the simple format of lectures.

Nonetheless, it is a great way to build confidence in presenting cases to an audience of learned peers, as well as honing the art of handling questions in real-time, and public speaking as a whole. Grand rounds are also a great avenue for the dissemination of research and good practice.


While speakers have the platform to present, the audience will be able to have their questions answered and provide feedback. Ensure that no patient identifiable information is left on slides and that permissions are obtained from your education departments. Presenters will receive certificates of participation and feedback and appropriate cases that are very robustly presented will be considered for a write up as case reports. 

Apply for an opportunity to present in this purely online event which will be broadcast once a month. Clinical cases could be presented individually but ideally with a team. LMM community members will have access and participation will count towards CPD points.

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