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Metro Boardroom Series:

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Mode of delivery: Hybrid: in person and online

- Interact live with colleagues on your cohort.

- Monthly cohorts


1 day (10 CPDs): £190: Introduction to Management and Business for Healthcare

2 days (20 CPDs): £350: Management and Leadership for Healthcare

Valid for: 20 CPD points and Certificate of Completion


Check the upcoming events page for schedule and enrolment


About this course:

MBR 001: Management and Leadership for Healthcare: Adaptive Strategies

A bespoke, carefully crafted micro-modular bundle for senior healthcare professionals; introducing fundamental concepts underpinning leadership and management and how these are best interpreted for healthcare. Using interactive contemporary case studies, develop an understanding of how to harness talent and resources to achieve collective goals.

  • Understanding purpose and values

  • Healthcare workforce and systems

  • Principles of service design and delivery

  • Financing healthcare

  • Introduction to change management

  • Teamwork and team building

  • Leading culturally diverse teams

  • Goal setting

  • Engaging with the boardroom



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